Is there anything worse?!  I mean, it always sucks when someone fucks you over, but human beings, being what they are, tend to be self-centered and I think most intelligent people would agree that on some level we all expect those around us to do what suits them despite how it may effect others, but…Read more …Betrayal?!

The “Best” of Both Worlds

Schizoaffective disorder  is characterized by symptoms of both psychosis resembling schizophrenia, and a mood disorder (depression or bipolar).  It is rare and often misdiagnosed, especially because each individual's set of symptoms is different and ranges in severity.  It is cyclical in nature, and sometimes long periods of "improvement" can be experienced between symptomatic episodes.  All…Read more The “Best” of Both Worlds

…and Another Thing

Here is something else that seems difficult for the unafflicted to understand, Depression is NOT a choice, and (for many of us) it is NOT temporary. With a recurring depressive disorder of any kind, depression can come on at any time, with or without cause, and it can stay for long periods of time.  Even…Read more …and Another Thing